Humble Beginnings

Yesca began when a budding scientist watched too much Cheech & Chong and listened to too much Cypress Hill. "Yesca" resonated with him through these artforms but, alas, science called and he answered. After earning his PhD in the chemistry of seaweed, he transitioned to land weed, specifically- Cannabis. Much like seaweed millions of years ago, this transplant took root in the promised land. Yesca was set alight.

The Green Rush

With the end of Prohibition came a slew of prospectors looking to make a quick buck with little to no regard for the plant or the people. Many skipped from town to town like a monorail salesman with a "devil may care" attitude toward their  own reputation. Due the lack of research grant funding by virtue of the Shedule 1 drug classification of Cannabis, scrupulous scientists were few and far between. Thus, Yesca took a bottom-up approach by purifying, testing, and characterizing cannabinoids using the scientific method...rather than burning bridges and laboratories.

The Road Ahead

Safety, efficacy, and legality steered Yesca to the hemp sector of the industry where it now produces some of the purest CBD formulations. Cannabis scientists are invariably obsessed with the synergy (AKA, entourage effect) among the plethora of cannabinoids and terpenoids present in the plant. This is why Yesca does not use any flavoring foreign to the Cannabis plant, and never any artificial flavors. Because purity is primo.